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Mental Health Malpractice Cover-up. Castlewood Treatment Center seeks to purchase plaintiff gag-order.

As revelations of a major Mental Health Care scandal come to light, a malpractice settlement threatens to conceal the issue from scrutiny once more.

money talks - EditedOn November 21, 2011, the first of four disturbingly similar malpractice lawsuits was filed against Castlewood Treatment Center, LLC. Among the allegations, a former client of the St. Louis based eating disorders clinic, Lisa Nasseff, claimed that “under the influence of various medically prescribed psychotropic medications” she was “negligently hypnotized” and coerced into believing that, among other things, she “was a member of a satanic cult and that she was involved in or perpetrated various criminal and horrific acts of abuse.” Leslie Thompson, Brooke Taylor, and Colette Travers all followed suit, each also alleging the cultivation of traumatic delusions while undergoing treatment at Castlewood, particularly under the care and supervision of one Mark Schwartz and his (then) wife Lori Galperin. The stage was set for an intense legal battle when, according to KMOV 4 in St. Louis, “Castlewood denied implanting false memories in the women and called the allegations bizarre.” Continue reading

The Censored Name is Neil Brick (how Examiner.com fails its writers and readers)

monkiesLast week I wrote a story about an eating disorders clinic that is currently in the process of being sued for malpractice. According to the lawsuits some patients, under the influence of psychotropic drugs and during the course of hypnotherapy sessions, were instilled with horrific delusions — false memories — of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The facility, Castlewood Treatment Center, denies the allegations, calling them “bizarre”. However, as I pointed out in my piece, bizarre as it may be, there is indeed a subculture within the field of dissociative disorders that believes certain psychiatric symptoms to be indicative of repressed torments that have been wiped from conscious recall by a particularly heinous method of trauma-based mind-control. A major proponent of this conspiracy theory is an organization known as S.M.A.R.T. (Stop Mind-control And Ritual abuse Today). Continue reading