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The Scientology Connection

Ron Hubbard, (March 13, 1911 – January 24, 1986), was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, the creator of a “self-help” system called “Dianetics”, and the founder of a psychotherapy cult/ psuedo-religion known as Scientology.

Did he also invent the concept of “trauma-based mind control”? I don’t mean – did L Ron Hubbard invent trauma-based mind control techniques/practises? I mean – did L Ron Hubbard invent the fraudulent concept that there was such a thing as trauma-based mind control?

According to statements published on a Church Of Scientology International website:

Hubbard was the first to announce and decry government mind manipulation programs” and allegedly fingered psychiatrists working for intelligence agencies as the fiends involved in developing and perpetrating mass programs of mind-control upon the civilian population of America.

Supposedly, these revelations appeared in his book “Science of Survival”, published in 1951. According to this Scientology website, Hubbard “…described in no uncertain terms the combined use of pain, drugs and hypnosis as a behavioral modification technique…”, which sounds very similar to the basic concept of trauma-based mind control as described by persons claiming to have been child victims of CIA rape & torture programs supposedly designed to induce multiple personality disorder and turn them into zombie slaves for life.

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Apolitical Disbelief VS Michael Salter’s “Politics of Disbelief” – part 1b

This is Part 1b of a review & response to:
‘Organised abuse and the politics of disbelief’, The 2nd Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference, Sydney, by Dr Michael Salter.
Quotations from Salter’s article appear as italicized paragraphs.

In a small number of child protection investigations in the 1980s, children reported ritualistic forms of sexual abuse, involving sexual assault and torture by groups of people within religious or cult‐like “satanic” ceremonies”.

This disingenuous misrepresentation: “…in the 1980s, children reported ritualistic forms of sexual abuse…” etc, is the bedrock falsehood propping up the entire rotten edifice of satanic ritual abuse mythology.

Children did not ‘report’ “ritualistic forms of sexual abuse, involving sexual assault and torture by groups of people within religious or cult‐like “satanic” ceremonies”. What really took place was this – adult persons, some of whom were caregivers for children who would be portrayed as complainants in child protection investigations in the 1980s, including; parents, grandparents, other relatives, child care personnel, doctors, therapists, social workers, clergy or other church functionaries, etc., claimed that children had told them stories about being involved in “ritualistic forms of sexual abuse, involving sexual assault and torture by groups of people within religious or cult‐like “satanic” ceremonies”.

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Satanic Ritual Abuse & New World Order Hate Speech

“Satanic Ritual Abuse”, “New World Order”, “Project Monarch Mind Control”, “Illuminati conspiracy” – these phrases are all ‘hate speech’, plain and simple. They are all labels for bogus mythologies, not for anything that actually exists in the real world. These terms have only one purpose – to incite hatred, irrrational hatred based on inherently fanciful accusations of impossible ‘wrongdoing’. Continue reading

Emerging facts of Boston Marathon Bombing confirm everybody’s worst fears

eyesYet again, it turns out, everything is exactly as everybody suspected and feared. The Truth has been concealed, as usual, behind a veneer of whitewash, propaganda, and outright lies, but it is irrepressible… and increasingly more obvious.

As new details about last week’s Boston Marathon Bombing emerge, along with facts about the lives and loyalties of the suspects, it seems that virtually everybody finds confirmation of their cherished “Truth”, whatever that Truth might be.

It took no time at all for the simplest minds to publicly broadcast their our-told-you-so glee to the rest of the world. The dust on Boylston Street had hardly settled before conspiracy-monger Alex Jones had declared — with a wisdom untainted by factual analysis or decency — that the whole thing was orchestrated — as it only could have been — by that omnipresent author of all evil, The Government. The bombing was a “false flag” operation meant to frighten Americans into forgoing their constitutional freedoms in the name of the “War on Terror”. Continue reading

Death of a Demographic?

One would think that a talk show that claims to be “a daily destination for multiple generations of women” would take issue with
therapies that have driven women to suicide. Think again. “Anderson Live” has an interview scheduled with a woman named Kim Noble who claims to have over 20 personalities scheduled for 1/2/2013 . The real story could have been gotten with a few Google clicks. It’s less about Noble than about her therapist who traffics in bizarre conspiracy theories like baby-eating Satanists. She practices a therapy that has driven women to attempt suicide.

It’s also about how the American Psychological Association is complicit in this debunked diagnosis that lead scores of malpractice suits and near suicides by women as a result of a counter-productive “therapeutic” practice that continues to this very day. Continue reading