Articles From the Vault

Ted Gunderson: Death of a Public Paranoid

“Sensationalist journalism quoting from him almost universally described Gunderson only as a former FBI man, even long after he had become an obvious caricature, a public paranoid for hire. Ted was still simply a respected former FBI man even after decades of attaching his expertise to the furthest-flung theories of world-wide Illuminati/Masonic/Satanic/Zionist conspiracies...”

Mass Hallucination, Hysteria & Miracles

“When ‘mass hallucination’ is said to be the scientific counterpoint to any claim, it is worth asking, By which scientists? Where? What other explanations have been proposed? and, of course, ‘Mass hallucination’ meaning what, exactly? Upon inspection, we find that the idea of mass hallucination as the fall-back end-all ‘scientific’ position toward the inexplicable is, in itself, nothing more than a desperately crafted mass delusion…”

DRACO: Death to the Virus

“In a paper published 27 July, researchers from MIT reported successful tests in mice with a new drug that holds the promise of being a cure to all viruses. The drug, DRACO (Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Oligomerizer), works as a “broad-spectrum” antiviral, killing virus-hijacked cells by targeting double-stranded RNA produced in the viral replication process.”

Among the Brain-Washed and Abused

“This is the foul witch-hunting core of conspiracist speculation, and the narrative of government programs of Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control is but the evil twin of Alien Abduction folklore. Not only are both largely dependent upon the presumed reliability of “recovered memories”, but both contain many of the same plot elements…”

My Lie: A True Story of False Memory ~ an interview with author Meredith Maran

“Eight years after accusing her father of having sexually abused her, Meredith Maran concluded that the allegation was untrue — a socially constructed false memory…”

Among the Abducted

“Turns out there is a whole carnival of different species beaming people into different types of craft, and for different purposes – some benevolent, some… not so much. The Contactees happily share apparently well-worn, scripted descriptions of the multitudes of distorted other-world craniums and non-human eyes they’ve observed. There are mammalians, crustaceans, and ETs entirely human in appearance. The galactic community, it seems, is as diverse as human imagination…”

Dr. Colin A. Ross: Psychiatry, the Supernatural, and Malpractice Most Foul

“Dr. Colin Ross’s delusions are hardly concealed.  He is a known conspiracy theorist who helped construct the Satanic cult hysteria of the eighties to mid-nineties.  He has written and lectured regarding nefarious mind-control projects within the CIA, and even – in an interesting case of possible projection – speculation regarding the “iatrogenic [clinically produced] creation of Multiple Personality Disorder” by CIA psychiatrists.  Following Dr. Ross’s own vernacular, it might be appropriate to suggest that Ross has ‘dissociated’ his own crimes of medical mistreatment, projecting them upon a ‘personality’ he refers to as ‘CIA’…”

Lies, Levitation, and Defamations Most Foul

“The diagnosis is in: I have a malignant negativity, a “negative world view”, that prevents me from accepting the unique universal healing properties of Transcendental Meditation™ [TM]. My problem has been recognised by some of the top minds at Maharishi University (TM’s university in Fairfield, Iowa) who have expressed a willingness to take legal action against my writings so as to quarantine this ugly contagion – this hideous negativity that has deformed my critical thinking to the point in which it I can no longer recognise established scientific facts…”

Report from the S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse/Mind-Control Conference

“The organizer of the conference, Neil Brick, stands about 5’6″ with a greasy dark curly comb-over, large-thick glasses, and a voice that sounds exacly like Elmer Fudd (without the impediment of pronouncing his Rs as Ws).  He describes himself as a ‘survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA [the CIA’s covert mind-control and chemical interrogation project of 1950s – 60s]’.  The disclaimer of the word ‘alleged’ in his own biographical description indicates a type of half-belief that was conveyed from most speakers at the conference, some of whose lectures were startlingly candid accounts of how and why they came to manufacture their paranoid fictions…”


“One might reasonably expect that a book that claims to give evidence for the existence of the “soul” would at least give the reader the benefit of defining “soul” at the very outset. Why – it has been asked – if there is some angelic vapor that drives a living being, provides character, morality, and consciousness, would God have equipped us with burdensome, fragile, and expensive (in biological terms) organs such as brains?”

Reading, Writing, Transcendent Levitation

“We know that TM [Transcendental Levitation] had once claimed that its practitioners could develop the ability to levitate… they even marketed the school of TM with pictures of lotus-seated students apparently hovering above the ground. But first-hand observations of the “levitations” left many unconvinced. The levitators never managed to levitate for very long; they never really “hovered”. In fact, they sprung up rather abruptly and dropped immediately to the ground again. Really, it looked quite a lot as one might expect if credulous transcendent hopefuls were merely hopping about on their asses…”


“Already I worried that I was somewhere in the preliminaries of a bad trip. I focused on my breathing while staring at the various posters covering the wall opposite me. Then, something odd happened. The posters suddenly defied the linear confines of the wall behind them, some floating out to the foreground, others sinking back at varying depths…”

Send a Mouse to College

“In the first grade, we couldn’t be expected to understand a damned thing in the College curriculum, and yet here we were being told that there mice that had achieved this level of scholarly discipline…”

Mother’s Day

It is disgraceful form to suggest that Evolution isn’t necessarily equal to improvement, or that the death of natural selection in the civilized world may have brought with it the side-effect of dysgenics, a deterioration of beneficial traits. Such thinking may lead us to believe that the gene pool has become stagnant and putrid, and the dregs have over-flowed to the surface…”