The Truth About Ritual Abuse Claimant-Advocates And Threats

One of the many falsehoods from which Satanic Ritual Abuse mythology is woven,  is the pervasively repeated claim that mental health patients and others who allege a history of  Ritual Abuse, therapists who treat Ritual Abuse claimants, and persons who “advocate for” Ritual Abuse claimants by evangelizing belief in Ritual Abuse mythology,  are all  continuously being harrassed and threatened by “the cult”.

Active cult members continue to threaten and harm adult survivors in a multitude of ways in order to force them to remain silent, most are threatened with death should they disclose their ritual abuse, and many have seen those who threaten them murder others and thus their fears are justified” – Ritual Abuse propaganda site.

Also, Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder claimant-advocates sometimes allege that unnamed skeptical debunkers of SRA and DID have threatened them in some manner, supposedly out of desperation to “shut them up” and prevent them revealing “secrets” that could destroy the world’s ruling elites – if enough people were informed of “the truths” that only SRA-DID claimants can tell. Or some such fanciful nonsense.

Are these claims of living under constant threat of harm or even murder really valid? If they are not valid claims, why would these RA-DID claimant-advocates make up such stories?

THE most important book on the subject of ritual abuse
THE most important book on the subject of ritual abuse

The truth about Ritual Abuse patients and therapists experiencing threats –  The Dilemma of Ritual Abuse; Cautions and Guides for Therapists edited by George Fraser is an expensive and hard to get hold of book, these days, but well worth the expensive or trouble to obtain. Published in 1997, this book contains essays on a number of RA related topics, written by some of the foremost practitioners in the treatment of DID and SRA patients – not by SRA-DID skeptics or debunkers.  Written by people like Dr Richard Kluft, and George Fraser himself, these essays reveal and document some very uncomfortable truths about RA-DID patient-claimants – truths personally observed and recorded by medical practitioners who likely treated more such patients than any others (any others who didn’t get sued for generating false SRA memories in their patients). Here is some of what they reveal:

SRA-DID patient-claimants, and/or their supporter-advocates, have been the people making threats against patients and their doctors!  Richard Kluft provides some illustrative examples, on page 36:

“I had the further experience of receiving repeated threats on my life.For example, on many occaisions during a two month period when I answered my phone personally, a deep voice would say that I was getting too close to cult secrets and would be killed if I did not back off. Although these phone calls were extremely disquieting, after a brief period of serious concern I sensed a pattern in them. I confronted the patient I suspected was either making or instigating the calls. Although I got no admission or confirmation, I never received another threatening call”.

“On one occaision, an inpatient reported that she was receiving telephone messages from the cult instructing her to kill one of my colleagues and/or me…I arranged for the patient to be kept away from the telephone for a few days without the patient being aware of this intent. She continued to report receiving calls from the cult“.

George Fraser reports similar experiences. One of his patients claimed she was receiving threatening postcards, with “self-desctruct” mind-control commands secretly coded onto them, mailed from various foreign countries.  Fraser became suspicious, and a close examination of the postcards revealed that the foreign postal-markings were faked! The patient had been mailing the doctored postcards to herself, confessed one of her “alters”.

Ritual Abuse and Dissociative Identity Disorder claimants themselves have been exposed as the real authors of the threats that they and/or their therapists received, in case after case – but other members of RA-DID “support groups” that many claimants have been involved with are also suspected of concocting and perpetrating elaborate campaigns of threatening harrassment against a range of persons in some claimants lives –  including; their therapist’s or treatment facility’s other patients, friends, family members, clergy and community support services workers .  Richard Kluft issued informed and insightful condemnations of these non-clinical Ritual Abuse victim claimant “support” groups and networks. From pg. 45:

I am particularly wary of leaderless or peer-facilitated support groups for dissociative disorder patients and others who allege that they are survivors of ritualistic groups. I have tracked the course of more than a dozen of these groups over the years, and all but one were unmitigated disasters…the proclivity of these groups for overwhelming their members with one another’s traumatic material, excessive dependency, and unbridled requests for support and nurture…and the possibility that members will, under the aegis of group forces and their own vulnerabilities, come to believe that they too have experienced what others represent as their personal histories”. 

“But I can share the personal observation that among those MPD (DID) patients and allegers of satanic ritual abuse whom I have treated, those who have networked extensively with fellow patients or allegers invariably take longer to treat than those who do not, and their treatment runs a stormier course. I currently refuse to treat patients who insist on participating in [such] potentially contaminating and countertherapeutic activities”.

Threats of violence, made against anyone, are a serious matter. Complaints to police agencies about receiving such threats, filed by any person, should always be investigated. It is a well documented fact, however, that threats allegedly made against Ritual Abuse victim claimants or other persons in an RA claimant’s life, frequently turn out to be hoaxes perpetrated by the RA claimant themselves or by other members of Ritual Abuse victim claimant “support” communities & networks.

Why do they perpetrate these hoaxes? The motivations in any given case could be inscrutably personal and individual to that hoax perpetrator, but it’s not hard to identify a quandry universal to all Satanic Ritual Abuse victim claimants which is likely to be a factor in most cases.  Satanic Ritual Abuse mythology describes an entirely fictituous version of “satanism”, allegedly practiced by satanist cultists holding nonsensical motivations and possessing impossible characteristics.  The SRA mythology’s satanic cult conspiracy does not exist, has never existed and could never exist.  SRA victim claimants, therefore, cannot produce irrefutably documented SRA cult conspiracists as proof that they were involved in and victimized by this imaginary satanic cult conspiracy.  To compensate for this, SRA victim claimants and victim advocates develop an obsession with generating fraudulent “evidence” for the existence of this fictitious satanic abuse cult – and one of the more common ideas they come up with, to generate such “evidence”, is to fake SRA cultist threats against themselves and/or others.

Threats of violence against persons falsely believed to be SRA conspiracists -

Diana Napolis was, (and still is), a mentally ill and hopelessly delusional Satanic Ritual Abuse victim advocate.

“Napolis originally worked as a child protection worker for nearly ten years (leaving the position in 1996), becoming involved in the satanic ritual abuse (SRA) allegations that arose in the early 1980s. Napolis believed the phenomenon was true and that those who had discredited the phenomenon were themselves child abusers and engaged in a conspiracy to deconceal their activities from the public. Posting under the screen name “Curio”, Napolis began a pattern of harassment against those she believed were involved in the conspiracy. Among those she targeted were Carol Hopkins, a school administrator who was part of a grand jury in San Diego, California that criticized social workers for removing children from their home without reason; Elizabeth Loftus, a professor who studied memory who believed coercive questioning techniques by poorly-trained investigators led to young children making false allegations of child sexual abuse; and Michael Aquino, openly a member of the Satanic church and a lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve against whom accusations of SRA were made but dropped as the accusations proved to be impossible.Using public computers in internet cafes and libraries, Napolis concealed her identity for five years while continuing to post information on-line about those she believed involved in the conspiracy. In 2000, Napolis was tracked and caught by Michelle Devereaux and the San Diego State University police posting information as Curio on-line. No charges were filed, but by revealing her identity those Napolis had harassed ceased to consider her a serious threat.The story was reported in The San Diego Union-Tribune, which was added to her on-line list of harassing parties”

“In the fall of 2001, Steven Spielberg filed a restraining order against Napolis after she made harassing telephone calls to the director. Napolis claimed Spielberg and his wife were part of a satanic cult operating out of his basement that had implanted a microchip called “soulcatcher” in her brain, an accusation to which Spielberg replied “To state the obvious, I am not involved with any form of manipulating Ms. Napolis’s mind or body through remote technology or otherwise.” Spielberg also expressed concern for the safety and security of his family. His security team indicated they believed Napolis to be suffering from a delusional disorder and posed “a serious risk of violent confrontation”. The judge ruled Napolis was barred from approaching within 150 meters of Spielberg and believed her to be a “credible threat” to the director”.

“On September 18th, 2002, Napolis “verbally confronted” Jennifer Love Hewitt while entering the 2002 Grammy Awards, and the subsequent day attempted to pose as a friend of the actress to enter the premiere of The Tuxedo. On October 10th, Napolis again tried to confront Love Hewitt at a filming and e-mailed several death threats to the actress later that month. In December, 2002, Napolis was arrested for stalking and making death threats against Jennifer Love Hewitt charged with six felonies, held in San Diego County Jail on a $500,000 bail. At her hearing, Napolis also admitted to becoming involved in a shoving match with Love Hewitt’s mother while confronting the actress. Napolis accused the actress and Spielberg of being part of a satanic conspiracy and using mind controlling “cybertronic” technology to manipulate her body. Napolis was committed to Patton State Hospital in 2003 for three years or until fit to stand trial”.

“After nearly a year in jail, Napolis pleaded guilty to stalking on September 29th, 2003, receiving five years probation as well as requirements to enroll in a counseling program, surrender all weapons and firearms, abstain from drugs and alcohol and refrain from using computers. Napolis was also barred from any contact with Spielberg, Hewitt and their families for ten years and was required by the judge to continue taking prescribed medication”.

I’m not aware of any skeptical debunkers of SRA-DID claimant fantasies, who was ever arrested for stalking and threatening to kill Satanic Ritual Abuse victim claimants or Dissociative Identity Disorder claimants, or imprisoned for stalking SRA-DID advocates. I don’t believe there has ever been such a person. But there has been a deranged SRA victim advocate, who delusionally accused many totally innocent persons of being masterminds behind a vast criminal, murderous, satanic cult conspiracy that doesn’t exist! – who stalked those persons for years and ultimately made serious death threats against at least one of those innocent persons.

I’m not aware of any skeptical debunkers who ever endorsed, defended and characterized as a heroic martyr, a deranged & convicted stalker of innocent persons. On the other hand, a Ritual Abuse therapist and SRA victim claimant advocate named Ellen Lacter has repeatedly endorsed, defended and lauded DIANA NAPOLIS  over the years:


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