David Shurter’s Epic Fail

“It is great being such an abject failure in my life. I have fucked everything up – accomplished nothing- and lost everyone. I wish I wasn’t such a loser – and that people who know me loved me- but that isn’t the case” – David Shurter

A liar, a fraud and a charlatan – it all began back in 2008, when David Shurter started posting his crappy, slanderous, lunatic videos. This one starts with Shurter holding a sign that reads: “I need help in solving a murder I was forced to commit in 1979″. The first part of that statement – “I need help” – was, and remains, a fact…but all the rest of it is bullshit:


Shurter claimed to be a murderer in these early videos, but also that he did not know the identity of the man he supposedly killed nor did he have any proof that such a murder actually took place.  Shurter claimed that he had ‘repressed’ the memory of this murder until 2007, when he allegedly “remembered” the event “in a dream”. In a dream! (As “everyone knows”, dreams are actually 100% accurate recollections of real events in our lives – right?)

As time went on Shurter’s fantasies, or paranoid delusions, or plain old lies, evolved a grandiose mythology about himself and his family during his childhood. His father was supposedly the leader of a large & powerful satanic cult operating in Nebraska, (and Michigan, he would later claim). He had been victimized by the same CIA MKultra mind control cult operating out of Offut Air Base that Paul Bonacci claimed to be a victim of, (although he would later denounce Bonacci as a lying ‘poser’). He was “raised to be the Anti-Christ”, and inherit not only his father’s satanic empire but that of Michael Aquino as well, (he claims to have been personally ‘trained’ in various Black Arts by Aquino). He had been raped and tortured, his family had traveled the US commiting kidnappings, rapes, sacrifices and cannibalism (that’s where the missing children of his childhood went, he claims – he and his family ate them all!).

Lies make baby Jesus cry, David Shurter!
Lies make baby Jesus cry, David Shurter!

All of these claims Shurter has made are falsehoods, of course.  Only one member of his family supports any of these allegations – a sister, who appears to control David from behind the scenes like a puppeteer. David’s parents were not satanists, there was no maniacal satanic cult operating in Nebraska, there was no Monarch mind-control project operating out of Offutt air base, and David never met or had contact with Michael Aquino in his childhood.

David likes to claim expertise in a wide range of subject matter, but his incoherent and rambling writings and videos betray a near complete ignorance of those subjects.  Shurter was confronted about his alleged satanic cult past on a topix forum not long ago. He had been ranting about calendar dates related to lunar cycles and how important they supposedly were to satanic cults.  When asked why lunar cycles would be of any importance to satanists, he replied that “everyone knows” lunar cycles are important to them – that it’s “all over the internet”.  It turned out, however, that the calendar dates he was so concerned about coincide with SOLAR cycles – not lunar cycles. Even the lowliest acolyte in an occult study group would know the difference between lunar & solar cycles – but not David Shurter the alleged expert on all things occult or satanic, the supposed heir apparent to the entire “satanic underground” of the USA,  allegedly trained personally by Michael Aquino. Shurter is nothing but a liar, a fraud and a charlatan.


How to alienate friends and make enemies – by David Shurter

Before very long, Shurter had weasled his way into the life of Noreen Gosch and the Franklin conspiracy theorist online community. He made a series of videos for Noreen, featuring himself wandering around Omaha, Nebraska, delivering high-volume angry rants against a former police chief of that city.  He doesn’t actually provide any damning information or evidence of cult crime activity in these, he just walks around “demonstrating” the existence of buildings, parks, etc., as if the mere existence of these things somehow proves the whole Franklin conspiracy to be true.  And before much longer, he managed to insult, offend and alienate everyone in the Franklin Files community – along the way exposing himself to those people as a poser, as a fraudulent Franklin victim claimant.

Naturally, having proven himself to be a delusional and narcissistic blowhard, the next step would be…an invitation to speak at a SMART conference! And then be asked NOT to come back, the following year. And on & on it goes…at this point, Shurter has even managed to get himself censored off the Free Range Humans hate site;


Pedophile protector – one of Shurter’s most offensive habits, is gratuitously labelling anyone he dislikes as a “pedophile protector” – but this is also one of his stupider blunders, because he lives in a Glass House.

“13 Charged in Porn Probe; Boys Taped, Debauched, December 19, 1985, Omaha World-Herald (metro): Omaha police began a roundup Thursday of 13 men facing a total of 99 charges coming from a six-week, citywide investigation into sexual exploitation of boys. [The list included Walter Carlson and Mark Andersen.]”

“Court Orders Trial in Sex Case, January 7, 1986, Omaha World-Herald: A 16-year-old boy testified Monday that he engaged in a sex act with Walter Carlson during the summer of 1984 after watching pornographic movies in Carlson’s home”.

“Jury Told Boys Fabricated Reports of Sexual Assault, September 9, 1987, Omaha World-Herald: A 38-year-old Omaha man went to court Tuesday for the start of his trial on charges that he sexually assaulted 11-year-old boys in his home. Mark G. Andersen …faces sexual assault charges involving three boys and five alleged sexual assaults in 1984 and 1985″.

“Jury in Sex-Assault Trial Hears Two Boys Testify, September 9, 1987, Omaha World-Herald (metro): A 13-year-old Omaha boy testified Wednesday that overnight visits with Mark G. Andersen usually included pornographic movies and sex. The boy, testifying in the second day of Andersen’s trial on charges of sexual assault involving three boys, said Andersen made sexual advances during most of the 75 or 80 visits to Andersen’s house in 1984 and 1985″.

In Shurter’s pathetic excuse for a book, “Rabbit Hole”, he calls Walter Carlson and Mark Andersen, his friends! His convicted pedophile friends! Worse, he dismisses the testimony of the child victims in these cases as “no real evidence” and tries to portray these pedophile perpetrators as innocent victims of a conspiracy by the boys and their families:

“Mark Andersen and Walt Carlson were convicted and sentenced to spend years in prison. No real evidence linked Mark and Walt to any crime, but Omaha had become a circus dictating justice from a kangaroo court. The fact that the parents of the boy had tried to extort money from Mark before going to the police (which came out in court), was insufficient to save him and Walt from prison” – Shurter, in Rabbit Hole.

The facts are very clear, however, despite Shurter’s attempts to protect his pedophile friends. The record of Mark Andersen’s unsuccessful appeal contains particularly disturbing evidence of his perverted predatory behaviour, and the children’s sincerity comes through loud & clear:

“Andersen at time of trial was a 38-year-old homosexual male; his alleged victims, J.M., B.T., and S.M., testified truthfully to Andersen’s sexual behavior toward them; and at the time the offenses occurred, J.M. and S.M. were each 11 years old, and B.T. was 12 years old.

All three boys testified to going to Andersen’s house to spend the night. Sometimes two of the boys were alone and, at least once, all three were in a group. Two of the boys testified that a normal evening was to watch movies on Andersen’s VCR and then to go to sleep, usually in Andersen’s bed. Sometimes, the boys also ate dinner with Andersen.

The boys related watching sexually explicit movies late into the night. The boys testified that when they did go to sleep, they were awakened later by Andersen’s sexual advances.

J.M. testified he met the defendant through his cousin, B.T., and B.T.’s friend, S.M. J.M. told the jury that he, B.T., and S.M. spent a night at Andersen’s together. There was evidence that a young girl was also present. The youngsters watched movies, then went to bed. The room in which they slept served as Andersen’s living room and bedroom. Furniture included a TV, VCR, a bookshelf full of videocassettes, and one bed with a separate mattress stored underneath. On this particular evening, J.M. was sleeping on the floor in front of the television. He awoke. Andersen’s hands were inside the boy’s pants touching his buttocks, J.M. testified. J.M. spent one other night at Andersen’s residence. He stayed awake all night and refused to return to Andersen’s residence.

S.M.’s testimony corroborated the above version of the one night at Andersen’s house. He also told of staying one night when B.T. was also present. After that, Andersen insisted that the boys come alone to spend the night. A typical evening for S.M. involved watching movies and going to bed. The defendant, who was naked, insisted that S.M. wear only underwear and sleep with Andersen in the bed, which was a single-sized, one-person bed.

On one occasion, S.M. awakened to an X-rated movie on the VCR and Andersen masturbating himself. S.M. told the jury Andersen also attempted to masturbate S.M. S.M. testified he stayed with the defendant many times over a period of several months and that every time, the defendant engaged S.M. in sexual acts. S.M. told the jury that the sexual activity progressed until one night S.M. was awakened when Andersen stuck his penis into S.M.’s rectum. The defendant also stuck his tongue in the boy’s rectum and placed his mouth on S.M.’s penis, according to S.M.’s testimony.

B.T. also corroborated J.M.’s version of the night all three boys stayed at Andersen’s residence. As well, B.T. corroborated S.M.’s statement that Andersen insisted the boys stay with him alone. B.T. testified that when he stayed with Andersen, he too encountered sexual acts similar to those suffered by S.M.

B.T. was also required to sleep in his underwear on Andersen’s one-person bed while Andersen slept naked. B.T. testified he awakened and found the defendant’s hand in the boy’s underwear masturbating him. Andersen also put his mouth on *210 B.T.’s penis and inserted his own penis in B.T.’s rectum, B.T. told the jury.

B.T. testified that between June or July of 1984 and early December 1985, on almost every weekend, both he and S.M. had spent overnight with Andersen at the defendant’s home. B.T. said he and S.M. visited the defendant on different nights of the weekend. B.T. testified that there was never a time when he visited Andersen overnight that a sex act did not occur. S.M. testified he stayed overnight with the defendant weekly during the summer and every other week during the school year. Andersen testified that during the year-and-a-half period, the number of times the boys stayed overnight with him may have totaled about 60″.

David Shurter likes to call people “pedophile protectors” as a gratuitous, slanderous insult – but never provides evidence for a specific person acting as protector to specific pedophiles.  By his own words, however, Shurter demonstrates himself to be exactly what he accuses others of being without cause.


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  1. doug

    Thank you — this piece is amazing. I am not surprised at all to learn that David Shurter is, as a matter of fact, a “pedophile protector”, just as he accuses all his critics of being. In fact, the very reason I’m not surprised is because he accuses people of it so often, apropos of nothing, and he has demonstrated an odd tendency to project his own self-loathing upon others. He was on Amazon fire-bombing the comments sections to the reviews of the book 22 Faces. As usual, he was obsessed with trying to earn my attention through slander, bizarre speculations, insensible tirades, and absurd accusations. At some point, he started referring to me as a homosexual in a very derogatory way. Shurter hurled accusations of homosexuality as though it is a heinous crime, and even though I myself am not homosexual. Oddly enough, however, David Shurter IS homosexual. Very strange that a homosexual man should have been attempting to bait me with accusations of homosexuality. It was then that his accusations of “pedophile protector” seemed to make more sense, though I did not know of his actual, documented connection to pedophiles till this piece.
    It is interesting that Shurter managed to get himself invited to speak at a few conferences and involve himself with Recovered Memory Therapy advocates. Neil Brick is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in MA. Did it never occur to Neil Brick that Shurter was mentally disturbed when Brick invited him to speak at a S.M.A.R.T. conference? What was it that earned Shurter an invitation to speak in the first place? Did Neil Brick attempt to do any fact-checking of Shurter’s claims? Interestingly, when Shurter was not invited back to S.M.A.R.T. he immediately turned against Brick and wrote on his blog that it was Brick who compelled Shurter to “debate” with me online. Brick, stupidly, wrote a reply post affirming this to be the case, however, he claimed he had only done so because his pending litigation with me prevented him from directly engaging. Of course, this doesn’t help his case at all, given how Shurter has regularly slandered and harassed me, and I look forward to Brick answering to this (as well, of course, to questions regarding his claims to being a former brain-washed assassin for the Illuminati) in his upcoming deposition.
    Pat Goodwin, the delusional disgusting old failure who runs a group called Ivory Garden DID was supposed to have a conference coming up that she was planning with Shurter. Apparently wise to the deeper issues regarding mental health, she was equally oblivious to the obvious: Shurter is, and has been, a highly deranged and delusional individual. Nothing can change Pat’s mind, however, and I’m sure she is equally unable to see the forest for the trees now.
    I couldn’t bring myself to read David Shurter’s piece-of-shit book, but I considered it debunked before I even got there. At some point I mentioned to him that he was too old to consider any alleged abuse during the Franklin Scandal as Child Abuse. He was over 18 when the case came to light. Instead of simply claiming that the abuse took place well before the revelations of financial scandal, Shurter simply conceded that he was over 18 at the time Franklin “went down”, but then rambled on about his father murdering somebody without bothering to attempt to tie the narrative together. (Convincing enough for Neil Brick though, apparently.)
    If the book actually gives any alleged facts regarding time and place where abuses against Shurter are claimed to take place, one should compare this against records regarding David Shurter’s known whereabouts. To wit:
    David was born 12/6/66 in Omaha, NE.
    He lived in Omaha first with his parents till they divorced in 6/12/69; Then with his mother until August, 1969 at which time he went to live with his father.
    He lived in Omaha with his Stepmother and father until they moved to Fremont in 1973.
    He lived in Fremont till the summer of 1976 when his family moved to Graettinger, Iowa.
    David Shurter graduated from high school in 1985. He left home as soon as he could.
    When David Shurter lived in Graettinger he spent a few months in the Cherokee Mental Hospital. He was about 15-16 and also spent time with his mother in Auburn, NE somewhere around early 1983 (it was either early 1983 or late 1982) . In that time the deputy of the town detained him as he had no supervision and was “running the streets wild”. David Shurter lived in Graettinger until 1987 when we moved back to Omaha with his stepmother and father.

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