“They Should Live in Infamy for What They Have Done”. An interview regarding a Mental Health Care scandal

Scream. 2001. De Rosette, Angela
Scream. 2001. De Rosette, Angela

In this incendiary interview with Matt Dwyer, I discuss the shameful mental health scandal of Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder — a diagnostic classification that persists in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association despite being debunked by the best available contemporary empirical evidence, and despite the very evident harmful effects of the imaginary condition’s so-called treatment. I speak of my own experiences in documenting the pseudoscientific psychotherapeutic subculture of dissociative disorders, and reveal how, at its core, it is a subculture that is driven by, and dependent upon, Conspiracy Theory of the most paranoid delusional kind.

Download the interview from Feral Audio here: http://www.feralaudio.com/74-doug-mesner-repressed-memories/

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  1. Plain Speaker

    This podcast interview with you is great stuff, Doug! Highly entertaining as well as informative. You mentioned a certain person’s allegedly abreactive insight – that he had once been an assassin for the CIA. Several of the more notorious authors of SRA-mind control victim claimant narratives, have added this “I was a CIA assassin” claim to prior versions of their victim narrative over the years. I suspect that these supposedly abreactive insights actually coincide with the claimant either reading Chuck Barris’ 1982 “unauthorized biography” – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – or watching the 2002 movie based on that book. I suspect they have no clue whatsoever, that Barris subsequently published a version of his autobiography with the CIA assassin fantasies removed, and no understanding that Barris inserted those fantasies into the earlier version AS A JOKE. The joke originated with Barris’ response to media critic accusations that he had “ruined television” with his series of hit gameshow format programs. He said: “Jeez, you’d think I’d been a hitman for the CIA or something…”

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