When Therapists are Lunatics: A Review of 22 Faces by Judy Byington

Porno for Paranoids

Twenty-Two Faces. By Judy Byington. Tate Publishing, Oklahoma City, 2012. 978-1620240328. 428 pages. Softcover, $19.95.

Book Review by Douglas Mesner

Twenty-Two Faces by Judy Byington falls within an outdated genre of prurient Satanic Panic supernatural-erotica-sold-as-a-true-story pulp novels which enjoyed a certain popularity throughout the 80s and 90s. It tells the story of one Jenny Hill, a former prostitute and drug abuser who, upon submitting herself to psychiatric attention, learned that she had Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID]). Surely, this diagnosis must have come as quite a relief, as it promised that Hill herself need not bear any of the responsibility for her own actions, which the book describes as, at times, being outright psychopathic. The book makes quite clear that every foul thing Hill ever did — from slashing her sister with a razor blade out of mere curiosity of the consequences, to allowing herself to be pimped by a husband she met whilst working with sex offenders (he was one) — was actually the mischievous doings of personalities that resided within her, and without her own conscious awareness. Unfortunately, this ultimate absolution came at a predictable cost: in accepting the MPD/DID diagnosis, Hill would also have to necessarily accept that she was harboring “repressed memories” of traumas which she would need to recall in the course of reintegrating her fractured mind. Fortunately for Hill, however, nobody required of her that the heartbreaking story of traumatic abuse that she would “recall” need make any sense, and the fact that it doesn’t seems to have completely escaped her biographer, Judy Byington.

Invoking the specter of sinister, underground secret societies dedicated anti-human Evil (as well a the comparatively petty-minded abuse of Ms. Hill) Twenty-Two Faces pays homage to debunked Satanic Panic literature of years past, even placing the book Satan’s Underground by Lauren Stratford in the bibliography, despite the fact that this book was so thoroughly discredited as to be withdrawn from publication, with the author changing her name and running off, abandoning her claim to Satanic cult abuse to instead pose as a childhood victim of the Holocaust.

Of course, even the old MPD/DID narrative is dubious enough, to put it nicely. The most recent research from out of Harvard finds that, despite claims to otherwise, those diagnosed and demonstrating MPD/DID do not actually suffer amnesia between one personality state to the next. Nor has the notion of traumatic repression — the likes of which is described in “case studies” like the Jenny Hill story — stood up to scientific scrutiny in the course of the past 20+ years since MPD/DID enjoyed its Sybil-fueled faddish rise.

But, to argue against the credibility of Twenty-Two Faces by invoking current progress in brain research, or even arguing against the existence of wide-scale secretive Satanic cult mind-control plots, is to give the book far too much credit. Twenty-Two Faces doesn’t merely beggar the imagination in its over-the-top conspiracist description of MPD/DID (though this it does, with Jenny’s “alters” [alternate personalities] recognizing themselves as merely sublimated entities that reside in hidden “rooms” in Jenny’s mind, ever watching to take over when things get too hairy). Twenty-Two Faces defies scientific credibility altogether by being a supernatural tale. To wit, the book includes:

  • Prophecy: The protagonist’s birth is foretold by her uncle in exacting detail.
  • Extra Sensory Perception (ESP): apparently believing that child abuse can prove beneficial to the victim, author Judy Byington describes that the protagonist, Jenny Hill, was able to break through certain subliminal barriers, not in spite of, but because of, early humiliations
  • Divine guidance: desperate and in prayer, Jenny Hill hears “a soft, yet thundering voice”, which urges her to “continue to write down your life experiences, for one day a book will be written.”
  • Divine intervention: In the midst of a Satanic ceremony in which she is bound to an altar, Jenny Hill is spared from sacrifice by a bare-footed “white-robed male personage, surrounded in a glorious White Light”. (Had this “personage” taken a little effort to arrive just a moment earlier, he could have spared the unlucky girl next to Hill, who is said to have been decapitated… but I’m sure His schedule is as busy as His Ways mysterious.)
  • Spirit Possession: Making clear that possession isn’t merely a more primitive cultural interpretation of DID, Byington describes that Hill suffered BOTH DID and spirit possession, the latter being cured by the prayers of LDS church officials

Twenty-Two Faces follows the life of Jenny Hill as presumably reconstructed from her memories, “recovered memories”, and diaries in which Hill and her varied “personalities” wrote and signed entries. Remarkably, despite these diaries, Jenny Hill — apparently never curious as to who else was writing in her private pages — is supposed to have been unaware of her “alter” personalities until having entered therapy as a psychiatric in-patient.
We are made to understand that Hill begins to experience “lost time” at the age of 4, when her abuse is said to have begun. The lost time is accounted for as episodes during which other personalities took over her consciousness so that Hill might not be troubled with the terrors of the abuse she began suffering at that age. One would think that such episodes, starting at such an early age, would establish an expectation of occasionally lost time, or an acceptance on the part of the protagonist that she had never quite grasped what time is. Not so with Ms. Hill. Not only did she fully grasp the cultural context and broad implications of the depravities that are said to have befallen her at age 4, she is also uncannily aware of the dates and times that eluded her at an age when most children are unable to properly read a clock.
The antagonist of Twenty-Two Faces, Hill’s oppressor, is the quintessential villain of conspiracy folklore, managing membership in several scheming cabals which may appear paradoxical or mutually exclusive to the untrained paranoid. Not only is he a God-less Jew, but “turncoat” Nazi Jew who worships Satan. His name is Dr. Greenbaum, and his legend precedes this rambling and dissonant tome within the fringes of hysterical recovered memory-derived folklores, best explicated by a Dr. Corydon Hammond in a speech he gave in 1992 titled Hypnosis in Multiple Personality Disorder: Ritual Abuse.

Hammond, telling of this dastardly Jewish Nazi Satanist, whose existence was reported by entranced subjects of recovered memory therapies, speculated upon Greenbaum’s designs for world domination: “My best guess is that the purpose of it [the satanists] is that they want an army of Manchurian candidates — tens of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, do child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, all sorts of lucrative things and do their bidding. And eventually, the megalomaniacs at the top believe, [they will] create a satanic order that will rule the world.”

This is heady stuff. However, the Dr. Greenbaum of Twenty-Two Faces fails to live up to one’s expectations of a such a world-dominating force. For all his power, the evil Doktor still remains very careful to return Jenny home on time for supper after her Satan-appeasing torture sessions, lest her parents become suspicious that something is amiss. This, unfortunately, renders a certain climactic twist-in-the-plot senseless, as we learn that Hill’s parents were in on the whole thing all along.

Herr Doktor is aided by two bumbling teenage ne’er-do-well buffoons, both of whom he regularly whacks with his gnarled cane while they openly discuss — like Scooby Doo-grade villains — the evil plots they are enacting. Hill remembers every word of it, even full statements spoken backward, as Satanists apparently like to do. You see, Hill’s memory for these past events is near photographic. Thus, when Hill meets a wheelchair-bound friend in a home for the disabled who describes her condition — which finds her skull grotesquely inflated with water — as encephalitis, I can only wonder why the poor girl wouldn’t know that her condition would actually be called “hydrocephalus”.

Naturally, Hill also learns, by means of “recovered memories” that she was raped by her father. She invites her parents to her psychiatric hospital, where she is an in-patient, so that she may accuse him. Apparently heartbroken and outraged, her father storms out. More narrative incoherence occurs some pages later when it is reported that Hill was saddened to not be invited over for the following Family Christmas.

All of this idiocy might be amusing if it was all written with competent pacing and prose. As it is, the reading is entirely tedious, and it seems that every other page we have to go through the whole `where-am-I-what-have-I-done?’ routine.

The book has a forward written by one Dr. Colin Ross, of whom I will say nothing, but please see my previous piece about this dubious expert here: http://www.process.org/discept/2010/02/08/dr-colin-a-ross-psychiatry-the-supernatural-and-malpractice-most-foul/

The book also contains an endorsement from one Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D., Past President of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) which, if anything, says something negative about the ISSTD more than it tells us anything substantive about Byington’s book. Silberg claims that she and her peers “are all too familiar with the kinds of crimes and disorders described in 22 Faces.” Indeed, this year the ISSTD is hosting a conference which will feature a lecture on the topic of Ritual Abuse given by one Ellen Lacter, whose website offers helpful (if hardly coherent) tips such as “Pray a perimeter of protection against everything of witchcraft”, and discredited British therapist Valerie Sinason.

And here we have a real problem: therapists hiding their most unhinged paranoid fantasies under a veneer of scientific credibility derived from case studies and surveys applied to those whom they’ve previously infected with their conspiracist ideas. Never mind that Past Life Regression and Alien Abduction narratives, too, are derived from “recovered memories”; to question the bizarre claims put forward by Byington or the perpetually panicked ISSTD faithful is to invite criticisms that you, in fact, have an “agenda”. To doubt the truth of recovered memory narratives is to support child abuse.

This tactic of argumentation is truly offensive, as it hijacks children’s rights and attempts to create human shields of real victims as protection against criticisms directed at patently absurd claims. In the proper context, Twenty-Two Faces is a helpful book, as it illustrates this problem clearly for those who may doubt the magnitude to which conspiracists have over-run the study of Dissociative Disorders. Byington does not simply misappropriate the condition of multiple personalities as a plot device for her ridiculous book, she shows the condition for what it largely (if not entirely) is: a collaborative therapeutically-created delusion. In trying to expose a Satanic conspiracy, Byington unwittingly exposes a foul movement that exploits vulnerable mental health consumers. Let’s hope the licensing boards and professional associations eventually move to erase such embarrassments from practice.


  1. justicialist

    Hi Doug, continuing the conversation on Byington from your Process site

    So yes, I’m also astounded at the uncritical media exposure 22 faces has gotten. That same Npr station that aired an interview w her without once challenging her allegations a few weeks later aired another affiliate’s interview w. Damien Echols of the WM3! I pointed this out – no reply.

    Her supernatural claims don’t surprise me in the least, as its consistent w the Michelle Remembers satanic snuff porn genre. What I love are the citations she trots out in defense of her lies. “The issd formed in 1985! That means its all true!!!”

    I’m curious if you’ve looked into the Kathy Shea allegation. I’d imagine that if Kathy Shea has surviving loved onesthey would be furious about her being featured in byingtons snuff porn.

  2. doug

    i have not looked into the kathy shea allegation, but it’s possible that if the girl disappeared without a trace, the parents would actually desperately grasp toward byington’s narrative, rather than be repulsed by it. it is, perhaps, worth following up on, though. the most interesting dialogue with judy byington took place on the website of a utah college where an article was posted regarding a book signing for 22 faces that she was to do on the campus bookstore. again, the article failed to capture the ludicrous nature of the book, but the author (who emailed me later) was receptive to my criticisms and regretted not having explored byington’s book deeper before promoting her event. i believe that it was because of the contentious comment war that followed the piece that the site ultimately pulled the entire article. fortunately, i have screen shots.
    i opened the comments, writing:
    “Byington suggests that people are simply unable to accept her claims because they are either too disturbing or they “refuse to recognize the problem”. However, Byington’s book doesn’t merely claim to expose hidden child abuse that appears plausible, if unthinkable. As seems to escape most media surrounding this book, Byington’s book is a supernatural tale that makes a number of irrational claims”…
    then, again, i detailed those claims.
    byington, predictably, did not address the criticism that the contents of her book are irrational, nor did she try to justify the idea she seems to endorse that one must either believe in such irrational propositions or find oneself defending child abuse. instead, she replied:
    “Doug…Robert Kroon, former Press Secretary General of the United Nations and veteran Time/Life reporter stated, ’22 Faces demonstrates a clear and constructive mind, detailing the horrific effects of abuse and consequences that stem from such acts. An engrossing story that both horrifies and intrigues from page one. Byington offers an insightful and probing masterpiece of modern non-fiction literature; a perfect antidote to insular works that plague the area of this genre.'”
    “Joyanna Silberg, PhD, President, ISSTD, Author, The Dissociative Child stated, ‘Dissociate Identity Disorder [sic] is known to occur in patients with histories of severe and relentless child abuse such as suffered by Jenny Hill. The public has a verty [sic] distorted perception of this subject matter, but those of us on the frontlines treating victims are all too familiar with the crimes and disorders described in 22 Face…”
    odd as it was — and unworthy of reply, really — that byington was so unable to engage in debate that she immediately and senselessly appealed to her book’s blurb endorsements as evidence of its veracity, i was nonetheless glad she mentioned kroon, and i replied:
    “Judy — Robert Kroon is over 5 years dead, your book is freshly released. I have no idea if he actually read your book, or it what form it may have been if he did. However, if he read the same book I read, I have no idea how he could blithely refer to it as ‘non-fiction’. Did he test Jenny’s alleged ESP? Did he know to detect residual after-effects of demonic possession in her? Would he attest that divine intervention had saved Jenny Hill from her Jewish Satanic Nazi oppressor? As for endorsement from the ISSTD, this comes as no surprise at all. The organization is a disgrace to critical thinking full of debunked and discredited cranks. The problem is, all these fools get together, and they convince themselves that their conspiracy theories must be true, because other people believe them… much as how you seem to offer your blurbs as ‘evidence’ for your book’s extreme [claims]…”
    Judy replied by claiming that kroon “wrote the kudo for me before he died”, and, of course, that i was spreading “falsehoods”, as well as “defending rapists and murderers”, to which i pointed out:
    “At least Judy claims Kroon wrote an endorsement for her book BEFORE he died. Had it been after, however, the claim may have fit neatly with the supernatural tale of her book. Of course, had Judy said that Kroon wrote the endorsement after he died, I imagine I would have pointed out that such a thing was impossible and self-evidently false, whereupon Judy, predictably, would have accused me of defending rapists and murderers.”
    byington had some supporter who spouted the tired old line about how some people would like to pretend that abuse doesn’t happen, etc. to this, i made the point:
    “[…] you can’t hide irrational claims behind a false banner of child protection. Do you agree thoevery happens? Would it be fair of me to say that you deny thievery happens or you defend thieves if you were to doubt me if I claimed a unicorn stole my werewolf-tooth necklace? You understand the connection?”
    maybe she did understand the connection. in any case, she wasn’t heard from again.
    the conversation predictably degenerated into byington trying to cite statistics from poor retrospective surveys as she continued to accuse me of “defending rapists and murders” and writing “falsehoods”, though refusing to cite a single “falsehood” directly. things got really interesting, however, when a woman identifying herself as jenny hill’s sister, susan, joined the fray. susan began by pointing out that by no objective standard had jenny been “healed” by her so-called therapy: “She is a very troubled mentally ill woman today.” according to susan, “[Byington] has exploited Jenny and manipulated her into this book so that [Judy] may see personal gain from it. This book is nothing but lies lies lies. If she wanted the truth she could have interviewed Jennys [sic] family to get the truth. It’s disgusting what this woman has done and continues to do.”
    it was interesting, but not surprising, to see that byington had not even bothered to interview any family members of jenny hill in the course of her research. the obvious question becomes, what corroboration, if any, did byington seek regarding jenny’s claims at all. did she simply believe jenny to be such an unimpeachable source of accurate information that fact-checking and corroboration were deemed superfluous and unnecessary? byington’s own book describes an episode in which jenny fled from byington for a time believing that she had observed “the mark of cain” somewhere on byington, indicated that she was involved, somehow, with satanic cults… yet it never seems to have occurred to byington that any other paranoid claims of jenny’s may have been rooted in suspicious delusion, rather than fact.
    byington countered in a comment directed at susan stating: “Jenny is not a ‘sick’ person as you portray her. She is a loving, caring person whom you should be proud of.”
    susan: “Judy, I did not say Jenny was sick, I said she was a troubled mentally ill woman. If she wasn’t so troubled you would have her on tour with you instead of relying on 30 year old [information.] Why not let Jenny speak for herself? Its [sic] because you want to portray her life then and now as something that is a lie in order to sell this book for your own gain. Why else would you have her sign away all her rights to this book[?] Jenny maintains alot of what was written about her occult experiences came from you. You have exploited and used Jenny. Your story would be laughable if it wasn’t so hurtful and spread so many lies about people. You can spin it anyway [sic] you want to justify yourself, but the truth about you is still there.”
    judy then idiotically trotted out more “ritual abuse” statistics which demonstrate nothing more than that she isn’t alone in her delusions. then she accused susan, writing: “Not too long ago you threatened Jenny if she spoke out. Where were you when she faced being homeless last…[?]”
    susan: “Judy, the things she says to you and the things she says to me are always in conflict. I get that. Why is it that you don’t? Its [sic] impossible to take anything she says as fact. She is clearly disturbed mentally. I say that with no malice. I would just like you to think openly about the things she says and not be so willing to believe everything [is the] truth. Did you believe her when she said your husband was coming on to her sexually? I have heard that allegation too many times about other men to take it seriously. You ask where I have been… the same place I’ve always been. [H]ow many times has she called you in the middle of the night to come rescue her from some drama only to find her asleep and not knowing she had called or claiming she was being held hostage and you come with police to find her watching TV[?] …For obvious reasons I cannot have [that] in my home”…
    susan continued in another comment added moments later:
    “But I have paid bills, buy her [Jenny’s] groceries and clothing [.] [T]he list goes on. I guess she never told you. Just like she still claims you are exploiting her story. I guess she didn’t tell you we had talked also. I would never threaten Jenny, I have no reason to. I have warned her about you and she always agrees. That’s how her troubled mind works. She says whatever she can to keep peace. Why can you not see that? Do not ever question my support for my sister. I have done more than you will ever know. And yet I keep my stories of Jenny private so she won’t be hurt further.”
    so here, suddenly, a remarkable story emerged of a mentally disturbed woman being fed harmful delusions for byington to exploit. a story emerged of byington’s opportunistic selection and arbitrary dismissal of whichever claims she deemed appropriate to her narrative or otherwise. susan’s comments brought out some very interesting questions. why would byington disregard a claim from jenny attesting that byington’s own husband had been “coming on” to her? the book 22 faces is full of such claims that seem to be accepted uncritically. how often has jenny hill, in fits of paranoia, cried wolf regarding claims of assault or kidnapping that byington is aware of? there was a lot here for byington to answer to. remarkably, instead of answering to any of it, she immediately backed out:
    judy: “Susan…I know you have helped Jenny a lot in the past. This discussion is getting out of hand, certainly not respecting Jenny’s privacy and going nowhere. Let’s quit.”
    now, suddenly, byington was concerned for jenny’s privacy! now, suddenly, she knew susan had helped jenny “a lot in the past”! (never mind that the book describes susan only as some shitty antagonist of jenny’s.)
    it also emerged that dr. phil had scheduled to interview byington on his show. i reached out to the producers of dr. phil, but never heard back. if they actually air this filth, i hope the shame of it proves irreparable for phil and his producers.
    damning as this comment thread was to byington, i think it was the later comments that caused for the article’s deletion. after susan said her bit, one david shurter popped on to the comments in defense of byington. knowing about shurter, i told him i didn’t find him credible, if only for the fact that he had spoken at a recent S.M.A.R.T. conference (read my S.M.A.R.T. conference report here: http://www.process.org/discept/2009/08/25/report-from-the-s-m-a-r-t-ritual-abusemind-control-conference-2009/). having attended a S.M.A.R.T. conference, i found it to be entirely made up of conspiracist delusions, as demonstrated clearly by the vendor booth selling electromagnetic beam blocking hats. shurter objected, replying flatly that i was lying about such hats being sold, whereupon i offered to post the evidence on my blog: a scan of the conference program where the vendor was listed as well as a shot from the catalog. soon thereafter, the article was gone. S.M.A.R.T. has never been able to defend itself. it’s organizer, neil brick, works hard instead to have any criticism of himself or his organization censored.

  3. Plain Speaker

    Doug – Thanks so much, for this! You continue to do incredibly valuable and important work on these subjects, making genuine contributions to human knowledge & understanding, in sharp contrast to the stupid and twisted fantasies penned by Byington.

    Such tragic irony – that fantacists, liars and con-artists such as Byington will be publicly lauded on popular tv and press – while those who heroically expose their fallacies and falsehoods will be rewarded with little else but the vile slanders you’ve documented here.

    The conversations you saved from your screen-shots, the to-and-fro involving Jenny’s sister, is absolute gold as far as expose goes! Wow! Please do ensure that it is preserved.

    Byington’s selfish exploitation of mental illness, is self-evident and disgraceful.

  4. Justicialist

    Wow. Well you’ve pretty much got a smoking gun here. I really hope Susan Hill comes forward and exposes Byington’s BS, so that we don’t see her crap being treated seriously by the press.

    I can’t imagine its any comfort for Kathy Shea’s survivors to read that Jesus teleported into the middle of a satanic sacrifice to save Byington’s “patient” (read:victim) yet couldn’t be bothered to save your own daughter. But, it’s pointless to entertain Byington’s sick fantasies in the first place, isn’t it?

    I also find it funny how a former UN Press Secretary all of a sudden has taken interest in crappy nutjob books from a fraudulent vanity press. Maybe Robert Kroon’s family should be made aware of this?

  5. doug

    @justicialist — yeah, you’re right. i don’t suppose that somebody running around telling some unhinged tale about your dead daughter, and how she wasn’t spared because jesus apparently didn’t love her enough, can be expected to offer any comfort whether they claim to solve a cold case or not. i am interested in what kroon’s family would make of his name being plastered on this trash. kroon did know how to write, if nothing else, so if he ever read anything that resembled 22 faces in its final form, i would wonder why he wouldn’t at least recommend editorial changes that would at least make the book coherent. another reader pointed out this link to me where we find another similar blurb by “kroon”: http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-60696-886-4
    now, keep in mind, robert kroon died in 2007, 22 faces was published in 2012, and the linked book, ‘faith journeys of the heart’ was published in 2009… and both books were published by the same publisher, tate publishing. what are the odds of this, i wonder? what is going on? perhaps i should reach out to his surviving son or daughter.
    i, too, hope that susan hill stands up to this and fights byington any way she can. at the moment, susan seems to be under the illusion that she can maintain her already-violated privacy if she mostly ignores the whole thing. according to her, she was invited to the dr. phil shoot, but refused. she is entirely mistaken if she thinks she’s hurting the show or judy byington by not engaging as publicly as she can. she’s doing them a large favor. all she would have to do is make sure that the interviewer knew the magnitude of the outrageous claims made in the book, make sure they know that jenny hill still suffers, and suffers more as a result of her “therapy” rather than less, let them know that byington’s “research” never engaged family members or — apparently — any other outside sources of information… in fact, she could only just let them know that she in fact helps jenny and maintains a relationship with her, and this alone would offer a perplexing contrast to byington’s book which suggests jenny hill lives a life separated from and abandoned by a wicked family. this isn’t the story that people interviewing judy byington want to hear. if it’s the story that starts emerging prominently, byington’s publicity will dry up and she can crawl back to a grade-school-level creative writing course and try again.
    @Plain Speaker —
    i don’t know if densen-gerber had a presence in utah, but 22 faces attributes jenny hill’s initial memory recovering “therapy” to one weston whatcott who — if anything attributed to him in the book is true — is a really twisted and irrational character. according to 22 faces, whatcott not only helps jenny understand that her problems stem from satanic mischief from which she was only saved by the good grace of jesus, but he warns her against occult practices, and encourages her to refrain from levitation. you see, levitation may strike one as “fun”, but it’s the devil’s game. also, according to the book, whatcott makes the distinction between multiple personalities and demonic possession, and jenny goes to some LDS officials to be purged of demons through prayer.

  6. justicialist

    Terrific work, Doug. For some bizarre reason my comments don’t post on barnesandnoble.com. is it possible that Byington or her publisher can control what gets posted? In any case it would be good to get links to your blog and scans posted to the book’s B&N and Amazon sites.

    If I could levitate I sure as Hell wouldn’t refrain from it. Why take the stairs?

  7. doug

    i don’t know about barnes & noble, but i already placed a review on amazon. what’s interesting is how, in the comments sections following reviews for 22 faces, wherever somebody (like myself) has left a critical remark, it’s simply been voted out of view by customers who find such comments “unhelpful”. apparently, “helpful” comments are only those which one wants to believe, wishes were true, or otherwise are uncritical of the book in question.

  8. Arabella

    I found this womans interview with dr phil to be horrific toward the patient who, in my opinion, was obviousely exploited and bought into this womans suggestions of her past. If this woman actually never experienced all the things this “psychiatrist” (I use the term losely) Has written in her “only she profits from book” then shame on you. It’s obvious this patient is torn and feels lost and shattered. Things were mentioned on the show the patient in question was even confused about- and the judy lady had to explain who and what she was referring to in her nonfiction book to the person who’s life is based on the actual events!??? WHAT? I am repulsed by her and how far men AND women will prey upon mankind for their own gain and will use them and actually could be deemed the ultimate abuser of them all. Please Jinny- get a REAL doctor. You need someone to unwind this womans mess in your head and listen to your son!!! He was looking out for you, not this woman. She’s preying upon you. And please, go read the book! Face your fears and see what she actually wrote about you. I think you’ll be far more surprised than you were on the dr phil show. And you should be recieving royalties. She has used you horrifically!!!

    • doug

      Arabella — Thanks for your comment. I am glad you were able to see Byington for what she is. Unfortunately, the problem runs much deeper than just this case. Judy Byington is part of a larger problem of delusional paranoiacs in the therapeutic community who push their own deranged narrations upon their clients. Judy Byington’s book was endorsed by a president of the ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation) where Byington’s lunatic ideas appear to be the norm. 22 Faces contains a forward written by a doctor Colin Ross. I hope you’ll read my piece about him here: http://www.process.org/discept/2010/02/08/dr-colin-a-ross-psychiatry-the-supernatural-and-malpractice-most-foul/

    • Plain Speaker

      You said: “Things were mentioned on the show the patient in question was even confused about- and the judy lady had to explain who and what she was referring to in her nonfiction book to the person who’s life is based on the actual events!??? WHAT?”

      Astonishing and outrageous, isn’t it?
      I’ve seen this scenario before, however – where a victim-claimant trusts someone to tell their story for them, and the “trusted confidant” writer turns them into an imaginary character in the writer’s own twisted fantasy tales.
      A victim-claimant in the Franklin case trusted her lawyer in this manner. He – John DeCamp – wrote a book, (supposedly – much of it was actually ghost-written by Anton Chaitkin), titled: “The Franklin Cover-Up” while his client was serving a long prison term for perjury. She never did read DeCamp’s inane potboiler, until very recently.

      Before she had read it, there were these confusing forum postings in which she repeatedly denied having made any claims about satanic cult or satanic ritual abuse victimization, while other people kept insisting that she had. When she finally did read it – there it was! John DeCamp had inserted total falsehoods into what were supposed to be transcripts of her original depositions. DeCamp had her accusing Senator John Kerry and various businesspersons of participating in a satanic cult which supposedly perpetrated horrific abuse on little children from their community. She never made those statements, apparently, and was outraged to find that her trusted confidant and lawyer had exploited her name & case in this way, turning her into a fictional character spouting the grossest defamatory lies about DeCamp’s political enemies.

      Many persons who have been patients undergoing “recovered memory therapies” would probably be shocked if they knew what their doctors/therapists have claimed about them in their medical files, or in reports to law enforcement or various social agencies/authorities, or in published dissertations – how those trusted medical professionals may have exploited them in exactly the same manner, turning them into semi-fictional “patient X” and adding fraudulent fantasies to their supposed life history & victimization, fantasies calculated to lend support to the doctor/therapist’s own delusional theories on various subjects. Most will never know, of course.

      I wouldn’t be surprised to find that patients who have successfully sued doctors or therapists for causing them to develop fraudulent fantasies about themselves and their life history, fantasies of satanic cult abuse and mind control experimentation – experienced as “memories” – continue to be listed and counted as genuine satanic abuse-mind control victims in later publications by those same doctors or others in their field.

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